Mobile Recharge Portal in Mumbai

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Recharge Portal

We are a Mumbai based software organization. It is our duty to give us the work to be an organization that works since 2014. Mostly we focus on the software and the website, we focus more on the software sector in order to be one of the software organizations. Apart from this, we also focus on the travel sector and nowadays, everyone is busy and everybody knows that Mumbai is a city on which it is common for everyone to live. It is a simple thing to do the online footwork in today's world but many people do not even know about it online in Mumbai. That's why we have created a travel portal through which you can work on the travel sector yourself and these portals through Google language are available. There are so many companies in India who work on software development in today's world but The work of all the company is different that is why we wanted to become something different from some busy life and we also got success in this work and also in the travel sector (Recharge Portal). And we got the truth of this recharge portal and got a lot of work from him and we got it. Soft Dyno Infotech's recharge portal is so much users in today's time that we do not even think about it. OK, our mobile recharge portal has finally been processed to success our mobile recharge portal is doing it to us more and more of our client and retailer, Mumbai and other states in India. Lastly, we got a lot of success and learning through our mobile recharge portal. The recharge portal, which our developer team created, will be changed according to the client and if you want to add something, then we will change. In order to be a software company, we will only reduce the above recharge portal and if there has been some error in the recharge portal, then we will make it free of error this lesson will be based on our maintenance part. You can use these recharge portals for your work (Mobile Recharge) and also for business. Using our Mobile Recharge Portal, a very simple and very small child can do it too. But according to some rules of government, the 18-year-old child is unavoidable to give jobs to any business we have a child name for an example. It is an erroneous rule in India. If some clients do not know anything Mobile recharge portal or do not know anything, then we have 2 and 3 days training on it. We provide mobile recharge portal all over Mumbai and also provide mobile recharge API with it, so we are known as a mobile recharge development company.

How to use our mobile recharge portal

Today, everybody knows about the Internet and today it is a common thing India is on second in internet access. It is very easy to use our recharge portal. The entire process of the recharge portal will be above a virtual payment. An administrator will control the entire mobile recharge portal. An administrator can provide unlimited users (Distributor & Retailer) on the recharge portal. A travel company can reduce the entire India rate by using our recharge portal. You can send bulk SMS and bulk email through our recharge portal (bulk SMS and email only use for the user) You do not have to pay for it. Our recharge portal will be related to your website, through which you can control the entire website like website pages, banner, and photos etc. Through the Wallet system, you can credit the payment and debit the payment for users example - If you request a payment, you can send money to it. In this way, you can also debit through our mobile recharge portal. On the Recharge Portal, you will find lots of reports like Balance Report, Pending Recharge Report, Ledger Report etc. You can set commission on our recharge portal itself. How much to give, you can deed up to the package. Administrators can also change user's login details and also change their username and password through our recharge portal. Through operator master, you can also edit and delete your operator (Airtel, Aircel ...). Many of our APIs can be integrated into our recharge portal also you can switch APIs too. An Easy to use support system on our mobile recharge portal. Using support system you can easily solve problems of users. We hope you enjoy this recharge portal's use.

how to recharge your recharge portal

You do not need to recharge your recharge portal it will process through virtual payment system. You have only to avaliable money in your own API for all transaction in your recharge portal. And the full control of the API will be in the API provider, we can not do anything on it.

  • Which service is available on our recharge portal
    • All Recharge service.
    • A single wallet through access all services.
    • Manage all users using our recharge portal
    • Our recharge service providers of Mobile,DTH,DataCard & all type of Bill-payments.
  • What is the languages use on our recharge portal?
    • Java for validation
    • .Net for web application
    • HTML for UL & UI
    • SQL for Database