Money Transfer API in Mumbai

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Money Transfer API

Latest money transfer portal by Direct bank, minute money transfer to beneficiary Account, Money transfer at whatever time even Sunday, nearby trade move advantage impelled out Soft Dyno InfoTech, 24X7 Money transfer, minute assertion trade done or not, minimum aggregate charged by Soft Dyno InfoTech Now money transfer organization can use every one straightforward by Soft Dyno InfoTech money transfer API

Money transfer API works for all bank who is recognize IMPS/NEFT/AUTO, IMPS is most outstanding mode to transfer money at whatever time even Bank Holiday Also, basically enter Bank Account number and IFSC code to transfer money basic.

Various association enlisted with Soft Dyno InfoTech to transfer money office to his own specific website, with completed his stage , its support all stage like PHP, JAVA, .NET , ANDROID, iPhone, Windows et cetera.

In remarkable conditions it may so happen that the hold dispatched to the beneficiary's record does not get credited. For such conditions, we have an effective helpful system set up to ensure that there is straightforward reversal of the failed trade. · Every failed trade is immediately advised to the customer through SMS and the trade Id is obliged future referral. · Customer then visits the nearest Business columnist Agent and outfits his Mobile no. · The Business columnist Agent will give the customer the complete purposes of enthusiasm of the trade and the clarification behind its mistake. · if there ought to emerge an event of specific dissatisfaction, the customer can choose to resend the total or demand cash rebate. · Based on the customer's answer, the pro needs to begin reasonable exercises and customer will get an OTP on his versatile. · The administrator will use this OTP to set up the customer's request to either complete the trade or markdown the total in genuine cash.

    • Full service facility is available.
    • Limit of Fund Transfer per transaction Rs. 5000
    • Limit of Fund Transfer per month Rs. 25000
    • 24X7 Money transfer service
    • No minimum deposits and balance maintenance required.
    • Our Money transfer API service providers of all types of travel business.
    • Money transfer API provides a great Value addition to Existing Website or business.
  • Pay just 20% of total money transfer API cost and book your own online Money Transfer Api with Money Transfer Portal.